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Swimming with dolphins is something most people dream of doing, but somehow only a few actually pursue this dream. Most people seem to think that it's impossible to find dolphins in the wild or just don't have sufficient funds to travel around the globe, hoping to find a pod of wild dolphins and then get close enough to actually swim with those dolphins. Others might feel that they would have to share the intimacy of the dolphin encounter with hundreds of other people in a small wading pool and thus only get to spend a few seconds with these friendly sea mammals without any real contact.

Although this may be true in the massive over crowded Sea World parks and aqua parks in the USA, the Bahamas, Mexico or other busy tourist locations, this "swim with dolphins" dream can easily be turned into reality in the picturesque costal town of Laem Sing in Chantaburi province, Eastern Thailand.

Dolpin Swim: our dolphins drag you through the water at high speed

This is where you will find the dolphin nursery and dolphin training center Oasis Sea World. The sea world label may be considered somewhat of an exaggeration, since there is a just a dolphin show besides the swim with the dolphins option and there are no other species of sea life present.

Dolphin Show at Oasis Sea park

Besides breeding the irrawaddy and pink humpback dolphin species they also care for accidentally captured or hurt animals that the fishermen and fisherwomen from a nearby stationed fishing fleet occasionally bring in.

Both the pink dolphins as well as the irrawaddy dolphins are indigenous to Thailand, but their numbers are rapidly declining due to excessive droughts and fishing net related accidents. Especially the Irrawaddy dolphin's numbers are decling fast, as this species can live and feed in rivers as well as in the sea and is thus suseptible to double the dangers. It is, therefore, important that Oasis Sea World continues it's good work of breeding of these near extinct species. You can support this caring and breeding station by visiting their theme park to experience the dolphin swim and by spreading the word to others. Remember: a dolphins swim is not only a once in a lifetime experience for you, but you will be helping all the needy animals and keep them from becoming extinct.

Oasis Sea World covers a total area of more than 68 rai (27 acres / 11 hectares). There are 2 main basins for the dolphins. The first is used for the hourly dolphin shows and the second is used to train new dolphins and facilitate the "Swim with the Dolphins" program. At the back end of this training pool is where you will find the breeding areas.

As everywhere in Thailand, the park has it's own restaurant with sufficient choices of very tasty thai dishes and a good choice of refreshments and other beverages. Vegan friendly vegetarian food is not available, hallal food is and the kitchen is open until the last show has finished at 18:00.

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